A first start: a baby’s first sit, crawl or stand, a teenager’s first job or car. Our lives are filled with “firsts.” This is my first blog post. Yay!! Thank God! I guess you can tell I’m excited!  Although I love to write, for all intents and purposes this blog is meant for positive dialogue to inspire, uplift and encourage. In a nutshell: keep positive!

As I write this post, some have decided to celebrate Independence Day or The 4th of July indiscriminately. It’s late or early, it’s after midnight, you choose. Although I am still awake, the booms, pops and bangs are startling and distracting.  Will I allow these distractions to keep me from writing?…No! I will refocus, pray and continue writing. The fireworks is just a minor example of how we must keep positive even in situations that are  not designed to make us happy.

In 2014 I started a different spiritual journey. In 2015 I joined a fitness boot camp and weight training.  In 2016 I switched to a living space that is more conducive to my lifestyle  and I joined Toastmasters!  This all lines up with God’s will and purpose for my life.  I don’t know about you but for me “firsts” aren’t easy, a first time means change. But I focus on the positive to keep positive.

Join me in sharing  some of your latest “firsts.”

Be Peaceful…



4 thoughts on ““Firsts”

  1. Such a thought provoking subject. One thing is certain, we are consumed with a lifetime of “Firsts” as you have noted some of the excitable “First” experiences. With every “First” in our lives comes great expectation, uncertainty, and bewilderment. Nevertheless, we are drawn to the idea of a possible “First” that compels us on to bigger and greater. So excited for your “First” blog. I know that it’s going to be a success because you seek to inspire and uplift. Supporting you from beginning to end.


  2. I have a ton of first things that I’ve experienced and accomplished throughout my life. Some for good and some for worst. For starters in 2014, I was blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity. I received a lucrative job offer with a chance to relocate my family and I to Portland Oregon. I jumped on the opportunity and lived in Portland for about a year. It was absolutely wonderful and scary at the same time. This would be my first time ever experiencing and living outside of St. Louis without family or friends.

    In 2015 I experienced my first hike up a mountain and through a valley. Not really wanting to hike in the beginning towards the end of the hike I realized how much I really enjoy hiking.

    I was a young, teen mother when my first son was born. This year I watched my firstborn son graduate from high school and go off to college this summer. I was truly amazed and excited to see him follow his dreams and to be apart of his journey.

    Throughout life we all have our FIRSTS whether the outcome is good or bad. It is how we are able to cope and make our worst choices our best with the help and love of Christ.

    By the way, I love your blog. I enjoy commenting on posts and reading others feedback.

    Keep Calm & Blog On!!!!


    1. Thanks for sharing Teneisha… I love your “firsts” I agree all firsts don”t turn out like we want. But oh well.. it’s the experience that teaches! “Keep calm and blog on.”???…love this.


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