Fruitful Friday

What’s your fruit choice for today?

Today I rolled out with a banana in my bag (one of my favorite). This is my natural fruit choice for today, this one’s a lil’ better for your waistline. But I’m also rocking “self control”  which is better for my “inner” man, per Galatians chapter 5 and vs. 22-23.

It’s Friday, which means the end of the work week for some, payday and/or weekend plans for others and probably a very “heavy” one  for us who hate “evil” and embrace “love.” So in light of the horrible news lines and captions this week, let’s sweeten up!

Taste the sweetness: love, be loved, show kindness, do something rewarding, be peaceful,  trust God to find your inner joy, be productive, be gentle, listen, take time, solve a problem, find a solution, be the answer.

Your fruitfulness



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