Debit or Credit


I think it’s safe to say without statistically speaking, that a good number of women like to shop. I’m one of them, who likes to catch a good sale. I even love to grocery shop, the  hubby does a fair amount of grocery shopping too…well maybe a lil’ more than me ( he’ll grin big). After all, we have to eat, it doesn’t matter who does it. While hubby likes the “get in, get out” approach, which is the common male shopper’s trait; I’m a “take-your-timer, browser, cruiser”(even with a shopping list). With our shopping styles being totally different, women vs. men that is: I like to look for additional in-store sale/clearance items.  Finding a new food to try or sample tasting (if available), is interesting and fun for me. Oh and of course when we shop together, we have to shop at…. at least three stores before the shopping is complete.

Our third grocery store visit  brings us to this week’s blog. We forgot something and ended up at a fourth grocery store. Hubby says…(looking puzzled and searching his every pocket and his wallet), “did I give you the debit card?” “No!”(I answered).  “Maybe it’s in the car” I exclaimed, prayerfully. Nope! Not in the car, maybe it fell into one of the grocery bags. Nope! Already home and had emptied every bag, pocket, and purse. ” Naturally we thought to back track, we still didn’t find it. “Call the store to see if someone turned it in I implored.” Hubby called the third store…”anyone turn in a debit card?”… “Hold on” (customer service rep)…. (after a long hold)…. “Yes it’s here”. THANK YOU JESUS!! Hubby shouted into the phone. Of course I was elated too but, I couldn’t help but wonder what the customer service rep was thinking. I was wondering if they knew about the Goodness of Jesus and all that he does/done/will do for us. I sincerely prayed for the person who turned it in and was so very thankful that every penny was still in the bank. Ain’t God good?? Yes, I said Ain’t. Tearing up.. as I write/share another Red Sea story, I am encouraged…

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2 thoughts on “Debit or Credit

  1. God is good and faithful. I wonder did your hubby transparet act of praise impact the store clerk that answered the phone. I’m starting to notice it’s the little things. That “thank you Jesus” could’ve prevented a possible suicide or promoted a soul surrendering to God. It’s important to let his light shine in pleasant and unpleasant situations. A testimony or acknowledgment of the Lord’s greatness carries weight. Stay blessed hun! Thanks for sharing.


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