Wisdom Wednesday

She said yes, He said I Do!

“She Said Yes” …”files for divorce after 7 months of marriage”, “we’re having baby mama drama,” “she doesn’t cook,”  And…just what is an open marriage? Please someone, school me and who comes up with this stuff?   I mean  really… is anyone taking marriage seriously anymore?  No Judgments!!

I do realize that some things are inevitable as there are no perfect people. There is no perfect marriage.

For years folks have blended families, experienced infidelity, slept in separate beds (rooms), fought about any and everything from idiosyncrasies, to differing parenting styles, to money and how to manage it or the lack of it.  None of these fights really mattered over the  love of the family, keeping it safely knit and protected.  Now it’s no holds barred!

Just as raising children doesn’t come with a manual neither does marriage. Each has its own set of circumstances  proceed with caution!

Think on these things:

  1. Marriage is honorable.
  2. Marriage should be oneness (you should be friends).
  3. Marriage is challenging and will teach you a lot.
  4. Marriage grows (with openness and honesty).
  5. Marriage is diverse (spiritual, emotional, and physical).
  6. Marriage involves submission by both (serving each other).
  7. Divorce is not the only answer to marital problems.
  8. Marriage is designed by God.

Oh…just one more thing.. God is to a marriage like a lock is to a key!


Much peace and love..


Reference Hebrews 13






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