Wisdom Wednesday

Evil but Good!

Experiencing evil? No worries!

Although experiencing evil never feels good, it can work for your good. Plotting evil of another or evil for evil…not cool. Not only can/will God make it for your good, but the plotter risks reaping some heavy consequences. We can learn and find Godly/spiritual principles in various situations. You’ve heard the sayings, “you reap what you sow” “what goes around comes around” or in Buddhism/Hinduism they refer to this simply as “karma.” 

So the hubs and I went to Target to purchase a microwave, we researched brand and pricing beforehand.  Turns out the product was not in-store as advertised. We were intent on leaving the store with a microwave, we would have accepted a similar one but, explaining our plight to the customer service reps was to no avail. They were rude and dismissive, putting our microwave fate into someone else’s hands. While hubby was steaming and ready to clap back. I suggested that we “fall back” and let God work.  Ha! In the words of Fred Hammond, “it won’t work”. We left the store with a better microwave for the same price!

“Do not pay evil for evil” and what a man soweth shall he also reap.” Let’s remember to treat others as we want to be treated. Remember God is the master planner. So when facing a disappointing situation, just know that it could be working for your good!


Reference Romans 12:7, Galatians 6:7


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