Wisdom Wednesday

One Life to Live: There’s More In You!

Have you ever said to yourself, “there has to be more to life?”  Karona  Wilson went from being a teen mom to entrepreneurship… stylist, make-up artist, motivational speaker, educator and author. She  shared with me how she found her more and so can you!

I had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Wilson who is ending this month’s One Life to Live series at The Read Sea. Take a look at what she had to say and the wisdom that she’s imparting.

Jackie Elliott: Tell me about yourself and what inspired your Video series.. Motivational Monday: There’s More In You!

Karona Wilson: My video is inspired by my book : There’s More In You which is inspired by my life’s journey. My book is set to pre-sale on August 31, which is my birthday and will release on October 12, which is my son’s birthday.

It was all God…. I followed him and what he told me to do. He has called me into ministry  and my ministry is to inspire people and ministry is not just behind the scenes and that’s where I was. He’s calling me to the forefront.

I knew that there was more in me. I’ve been doing hair for about fifteen years now and I know that I’m more than just a person who does hair. I followed the voice of God, it’s about what he told me to do.

Jackie Elliott: How did you come up with the vlog series title, There’s More in You?

Karona Wilson: As I was walking outdoors, I was just talking to God about it, I already had a title but, I felt as if God wanted me to call it something else. And…”it just rolled off my tongue.”

For about 6 months now I have been volunteering my time at a home for teen moms because “I was a teen mom.” “Those are my babies.” I encourage them by sharing life skills with them, letting them know that there’s more in them, “although you’re a teen mom you can still become an entrepreneur.”

Jackie Elliott: How did you discover the more in you?

Karona Wilson: I did a self-examination, I sat down and looked inside myself, I took off the mask and listened to God, I faced my fears, “my son calls them road blocks.”

Jackie Elliott: You seem so comfortable in front of the camera, have you always liked being in front of the camera?

Karona Wilson: No! (laughter) This was one of my fears, I faced my fear, I realized this is not about me, it’s about what God would have me to do. But it comes natural to me.

Jackie Elliott: Do you plan to expand your video series to other forms or to any other (social) media outlets?

Karona Wilson: Yes, you’re one of several people who’s asked me this, I’m actually working on something now.

Jackie Elliott: Is there anything else you’d like to share to inspire others?

Karona Wilson: I would say if we could just free ourselves from our mind-set and stop thinking about how others will look at us or what they will say and just find the more that’s in you!

Karona’s book is dedicated to her son.

And…remember…there’s more in YOU!

Click on the link below for more on Karona’s video series.






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