Wisdom Wednesday

The month has changed, the season is changing and so is our topic! I hope you enjoyed last month’s One Life to Live topic, I sure  did!

I’m feeling sort of nostalgic right now, as I do every year around this time. Nearing another wedding anniversary is to blame as is attending a wedding this past weekend, which was beautiful I must say.  As I sat observing all the happy wedding participants parade to the front of the church in great wedding fashion and festive colors, I briefly thought of the day I stood in front of God, family and friends to join “my Boaz” in marriage. If you’ve had this experience, no matter what type of ceremony you chose, you can relate to my sentiments.

Ah.. glitz, glamour, peacock-ish strolls, swag and formalities of a wedding, non of which sparkled or stood out more than the gleam of love, happiness and anticipation shone from the groom’s eyes for his bride.

I commend the young couple for their selfless bravery in deciding to embark upon marriage  and the reverse of the incandescent PDA. Instead they opted for the… forehead kiss (a simple expression of love, honor and respect) and sweet meet at the lips. Aww…I can’t think of a sweeter way to begin the union of marriage.

This brings us to this month’s topic, Married to Marriage…stay tuned and see ya next week at the Read Sea!



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