Wisdom Wednesday: Marriage…Who’s Got time for that?

Married to Marriage: Sign Here________________

I do! (no pun intended) and  the rest of us marrieds who enjoy it.  For those of you who are married and are not enjoying it…I’m sorry.

Let’s talk compromise…totally necessary in marriage. And trust ME it’s not  always a meeting in the middle. At times it seems lopsided, but it’s about knowing what’s important surrounding the issue of give and take. Compromise is about being okay with being the giver or the taker. Are you being fair…are you making as many deposits into the  marriage bank account as you can…as often as you can?  This pretty much defines compromise in marriage. So if/when signing up for marriage just know it’s all about doing the work to stay connected.

Just one more thing! Compromise is not optional…in marriage, it should be intentional.


Happy days ahead,








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