Wisdom Wednesday

Married to Marriage: Marriage is not a cadence

Marriage as a cadence…. a rhythmic flow of symmetry and balance knowing just what to expect next. Sounds nice… and easy like Sunday Morning!  I see marriage as more of a journey with highs and lows, synonymous of  peaks and valleys. Two people joined together, two different characters nudging for attention and individuality.  It’s only a natural occurrence, but to anticipate the needs of each other brings about harmony and peace even when life happens and things spin out of  control and you’re left feeling like you’re on the marriage rollercoaster.

I listened to the story of Cookie and Magic Johnson and how they decided to persevere through his announcement of being HIV positive 25 years ago.  Why… because she “loved” him. What really caught my attention was that she made the decision just after he shared the info with her to stay in the marriage. How was she able to choose so soon….the power of love and the power of prayer…two vital components of marriage.  Although it was his risqué behavior that resulted in his sickness..Love endures through circumstances.  And so it is after 25 years of marriage they still choose love and they’re celebrating by “Believing in Magic,” Cookie’s memoir. Not to be misunderstood, I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but they made a decision that love would win.

What I took away from this story:

  1. They immediately prayed together “(the family that prays together stays together)”
  2. Through her encouragement he rekindled his relationship w/God (his help meet)
  3. They kept a positive attitude and educated themselves
  4. They were determined to get through the for “worse” and the “in sickness” part of the marriage vows







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