Wisdom Wednesday

Married to Marriage: How God Prepared Me for Marriage

You get a wife, and you get a husband and you get a wife…everybody is getting marriieed!!..(channeling Oprah). In the world of car give-a-ways it’s all so simple to gift an entire audience a car. But in the world of marriage it does not work that way. God doesn’t just pass out spouses, but when He does, he’ll give you the gift who’s just right for you.

So next week I’ll celebrate nineteen years of marriage, woohoo! And although I thought I was ready, waiting, and upset with God before then, I WAS NOT READY! And it took God to tell me, otherwise no one could tell me that I wasn’t. We need to be prepared for marriage, it’s no play thing.  Premarital counseling is so important and necessary….it’s vital ladies and gentlemen. And there’s only so much we can prepare for…the rest is trial and error and trial…and error until you get it. And still we’re learning (each other).

Allow God to prepare you for your “Boaz” or  your “Ruth.”

Here’s how he prepared me:

Know who you are and whose you are..

Know what you can bring to a marriage (not finances)..

Love, love, love yourself..soul, mind, body and spirit..

Enjoy your single life..

After my instructions, I hardly thought about marriage. God allowed me to see just how much marriage entailed (whew). I learned fast to like love my single life.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love, Jackie






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