What I Like About Fall

The barely warm breezy days and cool crisp nights. I especially love when you no longer need air conditioning, making the pockets feel a lil’ light. It’s just something about Fall… opened windows allowing the cool of the day to come in. You reach for a light blanket or throw in the evening. If you’re anything like me… you love sleeping with the windows cracked, yet reaching for a heavier blanket (maybe a fan on light speed blowing indirectly)…my sleep..is like a baby’s. It’s just something about Fall!

I’m in love…the colors are changing the scenery is new.  Mumm’s are displayed in golden, lavender, and coral hue.  Candy apples, sweet-n-salty popcorn, hayrides are all so cool but let’s not forget our attire is too. It’s time to layer in sweaters, jackets and  long sleeves…boots of all types including ones over-the-knees. Fall gives to new décor inspiration taking a cue from the changing leaves…Rustic, brown, yellow, orange and green.  I’m psyched to add these colors to my fall fashion looks but, brown sorry…I just blend every now and then.  It’s just something about fall…..THE MALL!!

Happy Harvest,

Love Jackie






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