About October Fourth

I have been so busy lately…I’m taking on new stuff…stuff  I’m passionate about.

But about October 4th….which was my anniversary, nineteen years and counting! We don’t get to hang out much these days due to our differing schedules…..sometimes hectic, whew! (scratching my head). But for two days we shut down everything (except our love for God)……we ate, strolled, watched more tv/movies than one should. We talked and talked and… talked (super important). We also took naps…who gets a chance to do that anymore!   Went to Starbucks….still paying for that one. But this girl deserves a “pumpkin spice” latte on her anniversary.

So being the music lovers that we are, we took in a bit of history…FIRST TIME EVER TO HIT THE STL …CORRINE BAILY RAE and ANDRA DAY. These two ladies brought it…never a dull moment.  Art form at its best….a wonderfully relaxing evening! And what a turn out for a weekday!

Getting to share in three loves in one day….the hubs, music and fall. No complaints here..just feelings of gratefulness.

Moral of the story: make time for who/what is important to you!


Love and Peace,








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