Wisdom Wednesday (Love & Life)

“True love reveals what needs to be healed!”

What’s your definition of love?

What matters to you?

Are you good enough?

Are you choosing growth?

“Change your mindset, change your behavior!”



I love blogging, I love you!

Advertisements…..It’s Wisdom Wednesday

Hey Loves…Happy New Year! Happy Black History Month! The Read Sea’s Wisdom Wednesday is back from hiatus. (Been working on other projects)….”MY HEART HAS FOUND ITS WINGS!” (a nod to the late Mr. Al Jarreau).

 Because I love blogging and I love You!

Think freely, Live boldly, live on purpose…

Knowing I can do this..rocking and loving my (fashion) representation of BHM( gifted from my niece..authentically from the Motherland).

“And He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.” Psalm 1:3 ( Bible KJV)

Be Blessed



Still Waiting?…A Quickie Guide


“If today were the last day of your life would you want to do what you are about to do today?” –Steve Jobs

In the words of Steve Harvey…”JUMP” as is  aptly titled his new book.  Are you living a life beyond breathing and mere existence? Are you a wisher, a dreamer, always hopeful? If you’re wanting, waiting, looking to lead and enjoy a fulfilled life:

Change Your Thinking

Get Off The Couch

Update Your Resume

Trust God

Help Somebody

Write It Down

Take A Leap Of Faith

Continue Moving Forward

Start Saving…Stop Spending

Take Risks

Think Big/Ask Big

Do Your Homework

Keep Positive

Let Go(d)

Be Still

Contribute…”When You Cease To Make A Contribution YOU Begin To Die!!”–Eleanor Roosevelt

Be Blessed,

Note:The message is first to the messenger
















About October Fourth

I have been so busy lately…I’m taking on new stuff…stuff  I’m passionate about.

But about October 4th….which was my anniversary, nineteen years and counting! We don’t get to hang out much these days due to our differing schedules…..sometimes hectic, whew! (scratching my head). But for two days we shut down everything (except our love for God)……we ate, strolled, watched more tv/movies than one should. We talked and talked and… talked (super important). We also took naps…who gets a chance to do that anymore!   Went to Starbucks….still paying for that one. But this girl deserves a “pumpkin spice” latte on her anniversary.

So being the music lovers that we are, we took in a bit of history…FIRST TIME EVER TO HIT THE STL …CORRINE BAILY RAE and ANDRA DAY. These two ladies brought it…never a dull moment.  Art form at its best….a wonderfully relaxing evening! And what a turn out for a weekday!

Getting to share in three loves in one day….the hubs, music and fall. No complaints here..just feelings of gratefulness.

Moral of the story: make time for who/what is important to you!


Love and Peace,







What I Like About Fall

The barely warm breezy days and cool crisp nights. I especially love when you no longer need air conditioning, making the pockets feel a lil’ light. It’s just something about Fall… opened windows allowing the cool of the day to come in. You reach for a light blanket or throw in the evening. If you’re anything like me… you love sleeping with the windows cracked, yet reaching for a heavier blanket (maybe a fan on light speed blowing indirectly)…my sleep..is like a baby’s. It’s just something about Fall!

I’m in love…the colors are changing the scenery is new.  Mumm’s are displayed in golden, lavender, and coral hue.  Candy apples, sweet-n-salty popcorn, hayrides are all so cool but let’s not forget our attire is too. It’s time to layer in sweaters, jackets and  long sleeves…boots of all types including ones over-the-knees. Fall gives to new décor inspiration taking a cue from the changing leaves…Rustic, brown, yellow, orange and green.  I’m psyched to add these colors to my fall fashion looks but, brown sorry…I just blend every now and then.  It’s just something about fall…..THE MALL!!

Happy Harvest,

Love Jackie





Wisdom Wednesday

Married to Marriage: How God Prepared Me for Marriage

You get a wife, and you get a husband and you get a wife…everybody is getting marriieed!!..(channeling Oprah). In the world of car give-a-ways it’s all so simple to gift an entire audience a car. But in the world of marriage it does not work that way. God doesn’t just pass out spouses, but when He does, he’ll give you the gift who’s just right for you.

So next week I’ll celebrate nineteen years of marriage, woohoo! And although I thought I was ready, waiting, and upset with God before then, I WAS NOT READY! And it took God to tell me, otherwise no one could tell me that I wasn’t. We need to be prepared for marriage, it’s no play thing.  Premarital counseling is so important and necessary….it’s vital ladies and gentlemen. And there’s only so much we can prepare for…the rest is trial and error and trial…and error until you get it. And still we’re learning (each other).

Allow God to prepare you for your “Boaz” or  your “Ruth.”

Here’s how he prepared me:

Know who you are and whose you are..

Know what you can bring to a marriage (not finances)..

Love, love, love yourself..soul, mind, body and spirit..

Enjoy your single life..

After my instructions, I hardly thought about marriage. God allowed me to see just how much marriage entailed (whew). I learned fast to like love my single life.

Hope you enjoyed,

Love, Jackie





Wisdom Wednesday

Married to Marriage: Marriage is not a cadence

Marriage as a cadence…. a rhythmic flow of symmetry and balance knowing just what to expect next. Sounds nice… and easy like Sunday Morning!  I see marriage as more of a journey with highs and lows, synonymous of  peaks and valleys. Two people joined together, two different characters nudging for attention and individuality.  It’s only a natural occurrence, but to anticipate the needs of each other brings about harmony and peace even when life happens and things spin out of  control and you’re left feeling like you’re on the marriage rollercoaster.

I listened to the story of Cookie and Magic Johnson and how they decided to persevere through his announcement of being HIV positive 25 years ago.  Why… because she “loved” him. What really caught my attention was that she made the decision just after he shared the info with her to stay in the marriage. How was she able to choose so soon….the power of love and the power of prayer…two vital components of marriage.  Although it was his risqué behavior that resulted in his sickness..Love endures through circumstances.  And so it is after 25 years of marriage they still choose love and they’re celebrating by “Believing in Magic,” Cookie’s memoir. Not to be misunderstood, I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, but they made a decision that love would win.

What I took away from this story:

  1. They immediately prayed together “(the family that prays together stays together)”
  2. Through her encouragement he rekindled his relationship w/God (his help meet)
  3. They kept a positive attitude and educated themselves
  4. They were determined to get through the for “worse” and the “in sickness” part of the marriage vows






Wisdom Wednesday: Marriage…Who’s Got time for that?

Married to Marriage: Sign Here________________

I do! (no pun intended) and  the rest of us marrieds who enjoy it.  For those of you who are married and are not enjoying it…I’m sorry.

Let’s talk compromise…totally necessary in marriage. And trust ME it’s not  always a meeting in the middle. At times it seems lopsided, but it’s about knowing what’s important surrounding the issue of give and take. Compromise is about being okay with being the giver or the taker. Are you being fair…are you making as many deposits into the  marriage bank account as you can…as often as you can?  This pretty much defines compromise in marriage. So if/when signing up for marriage just know it’s all about doing the work to stay connected.

Just one more thing! Compromise is not optional…in marriage, it should be intentional.


Happy days ahead,







Wisdom Wednesday

The month has changed, the season is changing and so is our topic! I hope you enjoyed last month’s One Life to Live topic, I sure  did!

I’m feeling sort of nostalgic right now, as I do every year around this time. Nearing another wedding anniversary is to blame as is attending a wedding this past weekend, which was beautiful I must say.  As I sat observing all the happy wedding participants parade to the front of the church in great wedding fashion and festive colors, I briefly thought of the day I stood in front of God, family and friends to join “my Boaz” in marriage. If you’ve had this experience, no matter what type of ceremony you chose, you can relate to my sentiments.

Ah.. glitz, glamour, peacock-ish strolls, swag and formalities of a wedding, non of which sparkled or stood out more than the gleam of love, happiness and anticipation shone from the groom’s eyes for his bride.

I commend the young couple for their selfless bravery in deciding to embark upon marriage  and the reverse of the incandescent PDA. Instead they opted for the… forehead kiss (a simple expression of love, honor and respect) and sweet meet at the lips. Aww…I can’t think of a sweeter way to begin the union of marriage.

This brings us to this month’s topic, Married to Marriage…stay tuned and see ya next week at the Read Sea!


Wisdom Wednesday

One Life to Live: There’s More In You!

Have you ever said to yourself, “there has to be more to life?”  Karona  Wilson went from being a teen mom to entrepreneurship… stylist, make-up artist, motivational speaker, educator and author. She  shared with me how she found her more and so can you!

I had the pleasure of talking to Ms. Wilson who is ending this month’s One Life to Live series at The Read Sea. Take a look at what she had to say and the wisdom that she’s imparting.

Jackie Elliott: Tell me about yourself and what inspired your Video series.. Motivational Monday: There’s More In You!

Karona Wilson: My video is inspired by my book : There’s More In You which is inspired by my life’s journey. My book is set to pre-sale on August 31, which is my birthday and will release on October 12, which is my son’s birthday.

It was all God…. I followed him and what he told me to do. He has called me into ministry  and my ministry is to inspire people and ministry is not just behind the scenes and that’s where I was. He’s calling me to the forefront.

I knew that there was more in me. I’ve been doing hair for about fifteen years now and I know that I’m more than just a person who does hair. I followed the voice of God, it’s about what he told me to do.

Jackie Elliott: How did you come up with the vlog series title, There’s More in You?

Karona Wilson: As I was walking outdoors, I was just talking to God about it, I already had a title but, I felt as if God wanted me to call it something else. And…”it just rolled off my tongue.”

For about 6 months now I have been volunteering my time at a home for teen moms because “I was a teen mom.” “Those are my babies.” I encourage them by sharing life skills with them, letting them know that there’s more in them, “although you’re a teen mom you can still become an entrepreneur.”

Jackie Elliott: How did you discover the more in you?

Karona Wilson: I did a self-examination, I sat down and looked inside myself, I took off the mask and listened to God, I faced my fears, “my son calls them road blocks.”

Jackie Elliott: You seem so comfortable in front of the camera, have you always liked being in front of the camera?

Karona Wilson: No! (laughter) This was one of my fears, I faced my fear, I realized this is not about me, it’s about what God would have me to do. But it comes natural to me.

Jackie Elliott: Do you plan to expand your video series to other forms or to any other (social) media outlets?

Karona Wilson: Yes, you’re one of several people who’s asked me this, I’m actually working on something now.

Jackie Elliott: Is there anything else you’d like to share to inspire others?

Karona Wilson: I would say if we could just free ourselves from our mind-set and stop thinking about how others will look at us or what they will say and just find the more that’s in you!

Karona’s book is dedicated to her son.

And…remember…there’s more in YOU!

Click on the link below for more on Karona’s video series.